[starttext]Tully's Angry Man in a Van vs Tony Abbott
An angry and frustrated victim of Hurricane Yasi gives Tony Abbott a piece of his mind.
Filmed by ABC News 24, in Tully, south of Cairns in Northern Queensland, Australia. Copyright 2011 Australian Broadcasting Corporation.[endtext]

Aftermath: - Tully's Angry Man in a Van vs Tony Abbott

[starttext]Aerial footage of Cyclone Yasi devastation
Aerial footage shot Sat 05 Feb 2010 showing incredible destruction in the area where the centre of Yasi crossed the Queensland coast . Copyright to Geoff Mackley, Unauthorized use will prompt a visit from Tony Soprano and or my laywer.[endtext]

Aftermath Yasi - Qld 3rd February 2011 - Areial View

[starttext]Residents and volunteers in northeastern Australia began clearing streets of debris after Cyclone Yasi devastated the area this week. Cyclone Yasi was one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in Australia. It roared across northern Queensland early on Thursday with winds up to 170 mph (280 kph).

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Aftermath Yasi - Qld 4th February 2011

[starttext]Cyclone Yasi Queensland (Australia) Aftermath PT3

The world watches as cyclone Yasi approaches the Queensland coast (Australia) .Queenslanders brace for a cyclone ten times bigger than "Katrina " rated at a categorey 5.5 .[endtext]

Aftermath Yasi - (Channel 9 News Report) Qld 3rd February 2011

[starttext]Cyclone Yasi 2

Sorry for late post no power etc. got generator on now.[endtext]

Aftermath Yasi - Ingham, Qld 3rd February 2011

[starttext]Gutted - the return to broken street after Cyclone Yasi

Gutted - the return to broken streets after Cyclone Yasi[endtext]

Aftermath Yasi - Qld 3rd February 2011

[starttext]Cyclone Yasi

Part 11 The final chapter 94 Old Tully Road North Queensland Australia[endtext]

Aftermath Yasi - Tully, Qld 3rd February 2011

[starttext]Cyclone Yasi Thurs 3 Feb 6pm Footage of Tully

Great wrap up of Yasi's destruction.[endtext]

Aftermath Yasi - Tully, Qld 3rd February 2011

[starttext]Cyclone Yasi Blocks roads

Driving down the street of Mossman, QLD, and having to dodge the debris on the road. Fallin trees etc.[endtext]

Aftermath Yasi - Mossman, Qld 3rd February 2011